In Jan 2013 I started getting into improvised comedy 😂🎭, and since have been in numerous comedy groups, performing a lot around London 🇬🇧 and the occasional international gig 🇫🇮🇩🇪. Since this I’ve explored stand up 🎤, clowning 🤡 and musical 🎼 comedy as well. Below is a run down of my active and past comedy groups or projects.

Current Comedy Projects

Stand Up

I started getting into stand-up from the summer of 2019 and since have been doing a bunch of courses and show to see how it goes. Here’s any footage I have:


Since 2019 I’ve been doing a reasonable amount of clowning courses and a few solo clown shows. At the moment the idea is to merge the clowning into my stand-up work. But could end up doing more specific clown stuff as well.


A musical improvised comedy group. We do scenes that end in improvised songs! Started in 2019 we’ve done multiple shows all inspired from what you do on a normal Sunday.

NoScript and Smoosh

NoScript is the programming (Specifically React.JS and JavaScript) based improv comedy house team for Smoosh (A comedy night by programmers for programmers). We started with the first Smoosh event in 2018 and have played every Smoosh, including our own nights, private events, various conferences and overseas (React Berlin, React Finland).

Previous Comedy Projects


A long form improvised comedy group. Joined Dec 2018 - Oct 2019, we’ve played shows at the Camden Fringe, bringing our conspiracy themed show Wake Up Sheeple!

And Now

A long form comedy troupe I put together for a run of a few shows in 2017/18


My first long form group, we ran from 2013 to around 2016 (can’t quite remember) and did dozens of shows around London.

Show History

And about a dozen or so older shows I can’t remember.



2020-04-15 - 2020-05-03

Started a 4 week course on performing improv comedy online. It’s a super fun course with lots of experimental ideas. Done a bunch of newscaster setups and making use of the chat window.

2020-04-05 - 2020-04-14

Had an online stand-up workshop, where I went through my rough ideas and got some great feedback, although is weird to do it online.

2020-03-21 - 2020-03-28

Due to coronavirus I can’t do normal improv classes and practice, but did do an online session with The Nursery this week that went really well.

2020-03-09 - 2020-03-16

2020-03-02 - 2020-03-08

Busy comedy week:

2020-02-26 - 2020-03-01

This week I had 2 classes on:

2020-02-10 - 2020-02-17

Currently doing a stand-up course each week so have been preparing material for that. This weeks set contained: